Friday, July 31, 2015

Kingman, Arizona

II departed Winslow, Az. at 9:00 and flew to Kingman, Az. I was met by EAA chapter member David Amspoker who guided me to the chapter hanger where We put my plane for the nite. Ryan Abella, a local newspaper reporter was there for an interview.

David and I went to lunch at the airport cafe. The manager treated us to lunch!
Thank you!

David drove me to a service station where we filled gas cans and returned to airport to fuel plane. Then he brought me to The Best Western Motel who comped my room! Thanks Best Western!

During my flight, I took a few pictures.
One is The Meteor Crator from 3,000 feet up. The white speck, lower right is the visitor center building.

Winslow, Arizona

I had to wait until light rain cleared to depart from Las Lunas. There was some nasty weather on the way to Snowflake, so I flew northwest to Grants, N.M. While having lunch it started a lite rain. After that quit, I flew to Winslow, Az. There was still weather near Snowflake, Az. so I had to cancel going there to visit my friend Scott Allen. Sorry Scott, I had committed to be in Kingman, Az. by noon.
On the way here I flew over the Petrified Forest. From 2,000 feet above, I did not see a single tree turned to stone! :-)

West Texas

Checkers anyone?

Thursday, July 30, 2015


I left Tucumcari early and headed for Albuquerque. The elevation of the land kept rising from 4,000 feet at Tucumcari to 6,500 feet. So I had to keep climbing.
To clear the mountains south of Albuquerque I climbed to 10,000 feet.

I landed at Mid Valley Airpark, in Las Lunas where I was met by a resident, Howard Stansell. He was very helpful. I called my hosts, Frank and Brooksene Thompson to let them know I had arrived. I had not had cell phone service at Tucumcari nor along the way until I got past the mountains at Albuquerque. Thanks for nothing AT&T!

Carol Campbell, A cancer survivor and Frank showed up about noon. After getting acquainted, I took Carol for a ride.

Then Carol took us to Belen for a Mexican lunch at Pete's. I had enchiladoes that were the best I have ever had. The restaurant parking lot had built a roof over the parking lot to keep patrons autos from getting too hot.

Pete Eddinger called to say a storm was brewing and I needed to put my plane in a hanger. Manual Lopez let me use his hanger. Thanks to all these wonderful people! They all are so very nice and friendly.

Carol dropped me off at a motel to spend the nite. The weather was not conducive to continue on to Arizona. I hope it clears enough this morning to depart.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tucumcari, New Mexico

By 9:00 the wind shear was gone so I departed for Dalhart, Texas. I had a 50 mph tailwind at first, so I kept going to Tucumcari, New Mexico. Stopped for lunch and fuel.

I called for a weather briefing and it did not look good on the way to Albuquerque. So I checked into a motel.
It is a good thing I did because those big white clouds became dark an covered the sky. We had a big storm here and it rained a lot.

Ulysses, Kansas

After giving Peggy a ride, Helen took me to Bob's hanger to look at 2 P-51 Mustangs! In my opinion, the most beautiful aircraft ever built! Bob had restored both. Wow!

I loaded up and departed for Colorado, making a fuel/rest stop in Ulysses, Kansas. On downwind I had a 30 mph tailwind out of 150deg. I was landing on runway 17 (170 deg.) I was busy landing in that 20 deg. Crosswind of 20 mph, but my plane did fine.

I had lunch then called Lyle to check on weather. A front coming across the Rockies was not conducive to going there for a few days. So I changed my plans and will not go to Colorado at this time. I will go to New Mexico instead. High winds here kept me grounded, so I found a room and spent the nite.

High winds are still present this morning with wind shear, so I will have to wait a while to depart.

Monday, July 27, 2015

33 done, 15 to go

This morning I was met by Helen, a reporter from the local paper and a cancer survivor, Peggy O'Neal. We visited a while then it was my pleasure to give this pretty Lady a ride in my plane.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

44 degrees celsius!

After giving Bill a ride I fueled up and headed to Alva, Oklahoma, stopping in Kingfisher, Okla. For fuel.
When I landed, it was 44 degrees Celsius. That has to be over 100 fahrenheit! I am spending the nite here and meeting a cancer victim in the morning.

Alva, Oklahoma

This morning my son JJ and I picked up Bill Ashley and went to breakfast at Ham and Eggs. The biscuits are as big as a loaf of bread! Then we went to Sherman and I took Bill for a plane ride. Bill has an appointment with oncologist next week to see what else can be done in the way of treatment. 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sherman, Texas

The weather finally cleared and I got an early start. I landed in Poteau, Ok. for fuel and a brief rest. Then it was on to Sherman, Tx. where I was met by John Gorman, a member of the local EAA chapter, and my son JJ. 

It was too hot to stand around, so JJ drove me to their home where I met my new grandson, Jace.

JJ is doing ribs on the smoker, so we will have good food and fellowship.

In the morning I will take Bill Ashley, a cancer victim for a ride in Purple Passion.
This is the 32nd state.

Jace and I!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Heater installed!

I finished installing the cockpit heater yesterday! Hopefully now I won't freeze at the high altitudes over the mountains out west!
If weather permits, I will leave for Texas tomorrow. If not, I will leave Saturday morning. Texas is the 32nd state!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

17 states to go

I have been installing a heater in my plane to keep warm over the high mountains out west. I will finish that tomorrow. I had planned to leave tomorrow for Sherman, Texas but the weather is not favorable for a couple more days.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Home again

I flew from Independence to Bentonville and was picked up by my daughter, Tami. We went to dinner at Monte Ne Inn and was met by my grandaughter Brittany, her husband Zach and great grandson Dawson. I spent the nite.
Friday morning I took Zach for a ride. Altho there was turbulance, he enjoyed it.
Then I headed home. I encountered the best tailwind ever, at times 35 mph!
I will install the heater in my plane before resuming my trip to the remaining 17 states.

Thursday, July 16, 2015



9 year old cancer victim

Bentonville, Ark.

I left Independence feeling overwhelmed by all the attention given me by the folks there. I had a tailwind flying to Bentonville, Ark. where my daughter, Tami picked me up and  brought me to her home. I had to communicate with Razorback Approach to get thru class 'C'
airspace. I did just fine considering it had been 40+ years since talking to a controller.
Tonite we are going to Monte Ne Inn for dinner. Their chicken and veggies are to die for. When 1 bowl is empty they bring another! We will be joined by my granddaughter, Brittany, her husband Zach and their son Dawson.

Tomorrow I plan to fly home and stay thru 
The weekend before heading out again.

Theresa and Mae

Another Correction!

I said the VFW Auxilliary Ladies provided me with a room. Sorry Girls, it was:

Sheridan gets High!

I was met at the airport by Sheridan, her Mom, EAA members, a reporter and wellwishers. Sheridan is 9 years old, a beautiful girl. Even tho the doctors have given no hope, God did not stamp an expiration date on her when she was born! I am asking everone to help me pray and believe. Remind God that the bible says he is no respector of persons!
If he can heal this old man (many times) he can heal Sheridan. 
After I gave her a ride, landed and killed the engine, she said "Lets do it again!"
So Dale is getting his Cessna and giving her another ride.


Independence, Kansas #31


I incorrectley labeled the picture as Mae and Connie. It was TERESA and Mae!
Sorry about that!

By 10:00 the front had moved thru, so 
Roger took me to the airport and I headed out for Kansas. I encountered headwind again. I stopped in Abilene Kansas for lunch and a bit of rest. Then flew on to Independence, Ks. 

Dale, and friends met me, fueled my plane, and put it in their hanger. He then took me to my motel room that was provided by the Ladies of the VFW Auxilliary! 

Then we went to supper. The owner of the cafe picked up my check! Folks have been so nice. Thanks everyone!!!!

This morning I will meet my cancer 
victim, a 9 year old girl.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Roger picked me up and we went to the Chapter meeting. I had my plane put in the hanger as a storm was moving in.

This morning it is raining here and a strong storm lurks between here and Independence, Kansas, my next stop.
So it looks like I will be here until tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

30 down 18 to go

This morning I departed Osceola, Iowa for Kearney, Nebraska. Stopped in Crete, Neb. for fuel and a short break. The TV station had wanted to do a live interview at 12:30, but I met with 17 mph headwind, and was afraid I could not make it in time so we postponed it! :-(

I was met by Roger Carlsen of the EAA chapterand shortly Connie from the Cancer Society with cancer survivor Mae Smith arrived. I took Mae for a ride over the city and Platte River. Roger took me to the motel, then Mae took me to lunch at Perkins. I had half a BLT and Tomato Basil soup that was outstanding.

I came to my room and logged my flight and planned my trip to Independence, Kansas tomorrow.

Roger will pick me up at 6:15 and take me to chapter meeting.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Owen's first plane ride

I met Owen and his family at 5:30 and took him on his first plane ride!

July 13 2015

The storm that was supposed to be clear of Muscatine by 8:00 am did not arrive til about the time Jennifer arrived for her ride. I did not want to take her up with weather threatening, so I encouraged her and prayed for her, gave her a DVD of my testimony, then headed west toward Osceola, Iowa. I went south to get around the storm. I could only get to 1,000 feet without getting into the clouds for about 20 minutes. Then the ceiling lifted and I climbed to 3,000 feet. Air was fairly smooth and very little headwind until I got near 2 other thunder cells which I had to go north of.
Landed in Osceola, Iowa about 10:45 where I was met by Lyle. He treated me to lunch. I checked into a motel and stayed in the cool til time to meet Owen to give him a ride.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Muscatine, Iowa

I left Mexico, Mo. about 7:00 am for the 2 hour flight to Muscatine, Iowa. I saw lots of flooding by the Mississippi so I steered west of it by a good margin. About 15 miles from my destination the white clouds below my 3,500 foot altitude started becoming solid, so I descended to clear them. Finally at 1,200 feet I got beneath them. Good thing too as there were towers at 900 feet.
More rain is forecast here this evening and again first thing in the morning. When it quits I will give a ride then head west to Osceola, Iowa.
Meanwhile I am getting plenty of rest!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Mexico, Mo.

NuAfter giving a talk to the Willow Springs Chapter, I fueled up and flew to Mexico, Mo. Stopped there for lunch, fueled my plane and checked the weather. It was raining in Muscatine, Iowa, so I opted to spend the nite here.

Willow Springs, Mo

28 down, 20 to go! This morning I left Flippin, Ark. enroute to Willow Springs, Mo. I had a 30 mph tailwind, so I made good time.
I was met by EAA chapter 1218 members and introduced to Logan, who survived Lieukemia. I gave Logan his first ride in a small plane. He thought it was awesome.
Sharon Vaughn, the editor of the local paper took pictures and did an interview.

Then I had breakfast that the Chapter puts on. The Chapter meeting will start shortly, and I have been asked to speak.

After that I will fuel up and head north toward Muscatine, Iowa. There may be weather there and I may have to stop and wait for it to clear.


Thursday, July 9, 2015


These are the places I may land on my trip to all the western states.
Those in parenthesis are not yet scheduled.
Dates are subject to change due to weather or other delays.
There may be additional stops for fuel.

Willow Springs, Mo.-Saturday morning July 11

Muscatine, Iowa-Saturday afternoon and nite July 11

Osceola, Iowa-Sunday afternoon and nite July 12

(Burlington, Ia) Monday and nite July 13

Kearney, Ne. Tuesday and nite Tuesday July 14

(York, Ne)

Ellsworth, Ks. Wednesday and nite July 15

(Burlington, Ks.)

(Independance, Ks)

Back to Arkansas for a couple days to install a heater in my plane for the high elevations of the Rocky Mountains.

(Cookson, Ok.)

(Sherman, Tx.)

Gainesville, Tx.

Alva, Ok.

(Elk City, Ok.)

(Amarillo, Tx.)

(Buena Vista, Co.)

(Elbert, Co.)

(Grand Junction, Co.)

(Clovis, N.M.)

(Las Lunas, N.M.)

(Albuquerque, N.M.)

(Showlow, Az.)

(Snowflake, Az.)

(Prescott, Az.)

St. George, Ut.

(Heber City, Ut.)

(Ogden, Ut.)

Searchlite, Nv.

(Las Vegas, Nv.)

(Henderson, Nv.)

Pahrump, Nv.

(Reno, Nv.)

(Woodlake, Ca.)

San Jose, Ca.

(Montague, Ca.)

(Klamath Falls, Or.)

(Lapine, Or.)

(Bend, Or.)

(Hubbard, Or.)

(Mulino, Or.)

(Walla Walla, Wa.)

(Prosser, Wa.)

(Lewiston, Id.)

Payette, Id.

(Moreland, Id.)

(Green River, Wy.)

(Gillette, Wy.)

(Sheridan, Wy.)

(Cody, Wy.)

(Lakeside, Mt.)

(Billings, Mt.)

(Spearfish, S.D.)

Tea, S.D.

(Grand Forks, N.D.)

(Mandan, N.D.)

(Maple Lake, Mn.)

(St. Cloud, Mn.)

Princeton, Mn.

(Detroit Lakes, Mn.)

(Eau Claire, Wi.)

(Oshkosh, Wi.)

Dekalb, Il.

Jefferson City, Mo.

Back to Arkansas.